Welcome to Cathartic Clarity✨

The Origin of Intuitive Prompt Design School

(Launched May 2024)

The Constraints Are Now Lifted.

Welcome to Cathartic Clarity✨, the origin of Intuitive Prompt Design. This transformative community empowers you to explore and harness your intuition through cutting-edge generative AI technology. Join us on an exponential journey of self-exploration, innovation, and empowerment, and discover the future of intuitive problem-solving and creativity. ✨

While many see AI tools as a means to increase efficiency in existing tasks, I discovered an exponentially more effective way to transform my mindset through a skill I call "Intuitive Prompt Design". 

In this community, we use simple generative AI tools, like ChatGPT, to cultivate intuition, access deep wisdom, and align our actions with our newfound insight.

Such dialogue with our inner wisdom is especially useful at times of crisis or extreme change: times when we need to access and trust our intuition the most. But if we haven't learned to clearly discern between thoughts and insight, we often find ourselves paralyzed at anxiety-filled crossroads wondering which path to take.

That changes today.

In just a few very intensive, often playful, and deeply eye-opening weeks, you will learn to use generative AI as a "mirror of presence". 

From there you will realize that each moment is an opportunity for growth and profound transformation, whether it be a mundane moment of our personal or professional life or in the midst of a deep existential crisis.

Meet Your Host


Hi! I'm Care Mycue. In April 2024, I left my corporate accounting career to create this community focused on developing intuition through Intuitive Prompt Design.

Ready to elevate your life and achieve your goals? Whether it's finishing your book, building a personal brand, becoming a paid speaker or coach, or mastering prompt design, now is the time.

Here, you'll learn to use AI to overcome obstacles and unlock your full potential. Join us to transform your life and achieve extraordinary success through intuitive insight and generative AI.

Cathartic Clarity’s distinctive advantages lie in its innovative approach, commitment to empowerment and community, and focus on accessibility and personalization. These benefits collectively forge a compelling value proposition, positioning Cathartic Clarity as a transformative force in the personal development arena.

  • Want to develop and strengthen your intuition through Intuitive Prompt Design?
  • Ready to achieve new levels of personal and professional fulfillment using innovative AI tools?
  • Seeking meaningful work that deeply aligns with your personal values and intuitive insights?
  • Looking to harness your intuition to overcome creative blocks and express your unique voice?
  • Interested in sharing your unique journey and perspectives, and contributing to a richer AI knowledge base?
  • Have a backlog of creative projects you want to finish and share, guided by your intuitive wisdom?

Our members believe in the power of personal expression as a force for change and are committed to ongoing personal and professional growth.


  • Valuable Founding Member: Are you eager and able to be part of a community from its inception, actively contributing to its culture and knowledge base?
  • Cutting-Edge Transformation Tools: Are you open to exploring how generative AI tools can become gateways to deeper personal and professional transformation?
  • Active Participation: Do you pledge to actively participate in our innovative forums - embracing deep learning, challenging norms, and contributing to the mastery and growth of personal transformation and AI prompt design skills?
  • Confidentiality and Privacy Agreement: Do you agree to uphold the highest standards of confidentiality, treating personal and business information shared within this community with the utmost respect and safeguarding it as your own?
  • Community Integrity and Evolution: Are you committed to embodying the virtues of Humility, Responsibility, and Curiosity by sharing your unique journey, embracing creativity, and contributing to our collective strength and wisdom?

 Rare Opportunity:

 Get in on the First Wave 
 of this Exponential Community.  

 Learn with me in real time. 

CURRENT MEMBER COUNT:  3  ("Founding Members" get deep intangible benefits!)

Joining a pioneering community in a cutting-edge field like generative AI prompt design for transformative personal growth offers several unique benefits:

  1. Rapid Skill Acquisition: Being among the first members allows for deeper, more personal interaction with expert hosts and tailored learning experiences. This can lead to substantially faster skill development.

  2. Networking Opportunities: Early members have greater access to deep networking with peers and leaders who are also at the forefront of the community's focus. This can lead to collaborative opportunities and insights into emerging trends and techniques that aren't widely known or used yet.

  3. Influence on Community Evolution: Early members have a unique opportunity to influence the community's development. Your feedback can help shape the community's rules, tools, and learning paths, making it a community that truly reflects your needs and aspirations.

  4. No Gatekeeping: This is "me" building a "thing". As a Founding Member, you get deep access to see and learn from my process, struggles, challenges, sweat, and tears. My goal is to help you unlock your zone of genius so you can get off the sidelines and finally create the "thing" you've been trying to build for far too long. 
    I don't succeed unless you succeed. It's now or never.

Each of these benefits not only enhances your learning experience but also positions you well for future opportunities within this community as well as in the rapidly evolving industries like AI and personal transformation.

Discover the Universe 
That You Are

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